So…you wanna be a NoZe Brother?

Every semester, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we look to find those that aspire to join in the worship of irrelephant and irreverent Elmo. The date is announced within the sacred and satirical pages of The Rope. Bring a funny, original article, written by yourself, without help from your roommate, of 10,737 words or less….preferably much much less. If the submission is deemed adequate and your phone number is written legibly on it, we may call you back. Eventually. But probably not. Oh! And remember to be funny.

(And now a shameless plug)

a-cartoon-illustration-of-an-electrical-plug-with-an-idea-1123535           Have you seen our wikipedia page?


Baylor bridges burn bright. 

Keep on Ducking Around,

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Kekeo Keeper of the Safety Scissors

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