Help NoZe Bros End Rape Kit Backlog

The Noble Noze Brotherhood has proposed to conduct a fundraiser that will ultimately go to the testing of rape kits by the Texas Department of Public Safety. We will be selling “Make Baylor Great Again” hats for $20 a piece, and 100% of the profits will go straight towards the testing of these kits. We will also be setting up a GoFundMe in order to facilitate more donations for those who might not want to purchase the hat.

The Noble Noze Brotherhood has always strived to be an agent for change on Baylor’s Campus and in Texas. We have addressed very complex issues – from politics to on campus scandals – in a satirical way that brings light to the hypocrisy or humor in a situation. Today, we would like to take a stand on a serious issue that all victims of sexual assault are facing in the State of Texas.

The Baylor Sexual Assault Scandal has brought to light many of the wrongs that have been committed by the Baylor administration. Additionally, the scandal has brought campus sexual assault, and all sexual assault, to the forefront of political discourse. In these situations, we often look to our local, state, and national legislators to make thoughtful policies that will address these problems, but this has not been enough. We cannot leave this issue solely in the hands of our government, when we have so many tools to create action within the Baylor Community.

One issue that is incredibly important is the backlog of sexual assault forensic evidence kits, also known as “rape kits.” The first line of evidence in an assault case, a rape kit collects vital information from the victim after an attack, such as DNA and signs of restraint. These kits can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000 to test individually, which means that the state must provide ample funding in order to perform these tests in a timely manner. As of 2017, there is been a backlog of roughly 20,000 untested rape kits, dating as far back as the 1990s. This is a gross injustice towards survivors of sexual assault. The forensic testing of a rape kit is crucial in order to obtain a conviction in a criminal trial, and give peace of mind to survivors. The testing of old kits in other states has led to the discovery of serial rapists and sex offenders who have gotten away with their crimes for decades. This gross mismanagement of what is a vital public service should bring pause to every single Texan, and we can no longer stand by and be complicit.

We call the entire Baylor Community to action. We want to show that we as students, alumni and faculty are greater than the mistakes of our administration. We have the opportunity to show the world that the Baylor Community stands firmly and proudly with the victims of sexual assault, and that we will do everything we can to right the injustices committed against them. When someone in the Baylor family is hurt, then we are all affected by it. We appeal to your humanity and kinship with those who are, or whoever will be, a member of that good ol’ Baylor Line.

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Satchel On,
The Noble Noze Brotherhood